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Red Frog Beach

red frog beach bocas del toro panama

Red Frog Beach, whose name derives from the tiny, poisonous red dart frogs that inhabit the area, is one of three beaches that stretch along Bastimentos’ northern coast. It is sandwiched between Wizard Beach to the west and Polo Beach to the east.

Red Frog is Bocas’ most popular beach and is accessible via a short trail from the island’s leeward side; you can access the beach on the windward side by boat between September-October when the sea is calmer.

an aerial view of red frog beach bocas del toro panama
red poison dart frog red frog beach bocas del toro panama
Poison Dart Frogs

Poison dart frogs on many islands come in several colors, including red, orange, yellow, and blue. The color of their skin is very saturated, as depicted in these photos. As a result, you'll often see frogs exhibiting multiple colors or shades of the same color. Despite their color variations, they are all the same size, measuring between .75" and 1.5" in length.

blue poison dart frog isla popa bocas del toro panama

Getting to Red Frog Beach

Google Map - Reg Frog Beach

Many full-day tours visit Red Frog Beach in the afternoon after departing Coral Cay. Some tour companies may also offer separate trips if enough people request. You can, at any time, hire a boat in Bocas town to take you there. Unfortunately, it is too far to kayak.

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