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The Sleeping Indian

the sleeping indian la india dormida el valle de anton panama

The Sleeping Indian, or India Dormida as she is commonly known, who acquired her name based on local legend, is a chain of hills whose form resembles that of, well, you guessed it — a sleeping Indian. Along with Cerro Gaital, these hills help form part of El Valle's volcanic rim.

The trail, which begins at the Petroglyphs, is mostly uphill. Shortly after passing the petroglyphs and off to the left, you will reach the first of two waterfalls — "Chorro El Escondido." Though not very impressive, it's set back in a well-protected cove and has a pool where you can swim. After resuming your climb, you'll make your way over a cement bridge. Then, a bit further, you'll see the second waterfall, the "Chorro El Enamorado," which is considerably larger and comprises two sections.

Further along the trail, and just after passing a large boulder, you will need to turn left; look for the sign pointing to "La India Dormida." The remainder of the trail is noticeably steeper as it climbs alongside a private farm lined with a barbed wire fence and wooden posts. Once at the top, turn left, and follow the fence until you reach the Sleeping Indian. (Shortly after turning left, you'll come to an intersection. Here, you can go either way. If you turn right, follow it until you reach a second intersection, then turn left. Both trails lead to the backside of the hill. Continue walking through the stubby grass until you reach the summit.)

At the top, you'll find a network of trails connecting the adjacent hills, offering terrific views of El Valle and its surroundings. Weather permitting, you may even see the Pacific Ocean. The wind and rain can be surprisingly strong, and the temperature exceptionally cool, so dress appropriately.

If you'd prefer not to make the trek alone, you can hire a guide at the entrance for a very reasonable fee.

Google Map - The Sleeping Indian

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